feeling Weak?

feeling afraid?

feeling rejected?

feeling lazy?

feeling purposeless?
Never forget your purpose in life...
Allah tells us in the Quran:
So do not be distracted by worldly life and worldly gains. Focus on the akhira and do good deeds and work with the intention of worshiping Allah through your actions.
If you are feeling depressed, pray to Allah and also seek supportive help from an imam or a relevant professional such as a doctor or psychologist
Depression is like a broken arm or a leg. If we had a broken arm or a leg, not only would we pray but we would also seek help from a doctor. Depression is an inner pain that also requires attention.
May Allah help you to overcome your sadness and live your purpose with joy and happiness. Ameen

feeling Worried?

a dua for whatever you desire...

feeling nervous?

feeling down?